Dive Sites

Fairbanks Provicial Park

Located west of Sudbury about a 25 minute drive off of Hwy 17 in Worthington. This site is where the club does it's Open Water checkout dives as it has lots of parking near a quiet beach and has BBQ and washroom facilities available. A day pass to the park is required to enter and use the area. The Lake is spring fed and provides some clear water diving with lots of rock formations to see and explore.

Beach is located on the road to the left of the boat ramp area.

GPS (to park gatehouse)

Latitude: 46.470000

Longitude: -81.440000

Nelson Lake - Val Therese

This site is located north of Val Therese about a 20 minute drive from the corner of Hwy 69 & Demarais Rd. Follow Desmarais Rd North to the end and turn left onto Nelson Lake Rd and follow this gravel road for 8.5km staying on the main road you'll go past Camp Falcona and turn right at the 8.5km mark at a Yellow Ontario Ministry sign. Follow this gravel road to the end and you'll arrive at the Nelson Lake boat launch.

This site has a small sunken boat as well as "Stonehenge" to find.


GPS (Boat launch)

Latitude: 46.715378

Longitude: -81.097225


Moose Mountain Quarry - Capreol

This site is about a 20 minute drive north from Capreol. 

The quarry has the best visibility outside of the Great Lakes. The access is drive to water line easy. Underwater the mine ramp provides levels from 20' to 40', 60', 100' and beyond for the tech divers. There is a fully set up tent at 22', a boat at 40', motorcycle, bicycle and skeleton at 60' and a welcome to 100' at, well, 100'. The only down side is the cold water, but you'll forget about it with 50'+ visibility. Note that there is no cell service at this site, plan accordingly. 

Latitude: 46.851039

Longitude: -81.033921


More sites coming soon!

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